Self-defense on a bicycle for ladies in the early 1900

The whole story began by reading this newspaper article of 1899, where a girl beats the hell out of her aggressor with her fists "in a scientific fashion". Indeed, riding a bicycle was quite a thing for ladies at the end of the 19th c. (first bike for ladies introduced in the 90s).

By the beginning of the 20th c., Marcus Tindal publishes an article devoted to methods of self-defense for ladies riding a bicycle. We have presented this source with a demonstration last February in Vienna. Now the video is ready. Watch, learn and train!

Thanks to Vincent, Billie, Irene, and Valentine. Special thanks to the Dreynevent staff, Retro-Spectiv and Traum und Wahnsinn.

Below the trailer we've made and the tape of the actual presentation. Enjoy!