Back from the international conference "Militiaman or Soldier?"

The international conference organised by Regula Schmid and Philippe Rogger (University of Bern) gathered international specialists about late medieval and renaissance warfare. Kelly DeVries (Military technology, infantry warfare, University of Loyola) made the trip from the US. Nice to see and hear him again. I was happy to meet Maarten Prak (specialist of guild history, University of Utrecht) and Horst Carl (specialist of violence and warfare in the perspective of cultural history, University of Giessen). Always nice to meet the people you usually read. And the whole Swiss "gang" of historians and scholars with interest into military history was there, indeed the learned society for Military History and Science supported the organisation of the conference.

Although a lot of papers focused on 17th-18th c., the late Medieval period was not forgotten and well addressed by Kelly DeVries, Christoph Dartmann, Regula Schmid and Roberto Biolzi. Have a read at the programme below. We are already looking forward to see the proceedings published.

Maybe you've noticed that the organisers nicely chose the fountain statue of the city Bern representing the "shooting man" for the flyer of the conference. I was presenting preliminary results of a research project in the making about shooting society and fencing guilds in the poster session. It dealt with a case study of the city of Solothurn. I'll upload my poster on my academia profile later.