Working on: Digital scientific edition of Petri Montii exercitiorum: atque artis militaris collectanea In tris libros distincta.

In the context of my current grant and my position as associate researcher @ CESR, University of Tours, I am working towards an edition of this little known and studied Fight Book, in collaboration with Vincent Deluz and Fernando J. Hervás Catalina. This masterpiece is the connection between Medieval and Early Modern tradition of the art of fighting South and West of the Alps, and represent the roots of the so-called Bolognese tradition.

The first output is the digitalisation of the copy kept at the library Mazarine, Paris. Now online for everyone to browse through, in high resolution.

We are currently working on a digital scientific edition @ the platform Bibliothèque Virtuelles Humanistes. It will have the latest features in digital editions and we are looking forward to offer this contribution for the study of Historical European Martial Arts

The publication is due next Spring, just one year ahead of the international conference we are planning about the author and his work. You'll hear from us again, stay tuned.