Current affiliation (2018):

Head of research and cultural mediation @ Castle of Morges and its Museums (Morges, CH).

Postdoc researcher (research project coordinator) @ University of Bern (Bern, CH).

Previously associated researcher @ Centre for Renaissance Studies (University of Tours, FR) - Feb'17-Sept'18.

Previously senior lecturer of Medieval History @ University of Geneva  - Feb'17-Sept'17.

Previously visiting scholar (postdoc fellowship of Swiss National Science Foundation) - Sept'15-16 - @ Max Planck Institute for History of Science (Berlin, DE), and - Sept '16-February'17 - @ Centre for Renaissance Studies (University of Tours, FR)

Background and interdisciplinary ventures

I'm a Medievalist, with a disciplinary background in History, Literature and Art History. I have completed my education with History of Science and Technology, Codicology and Material Culture. Most of my research projects are interdisciplinary, involving specialists of Material Culture, Movement Science or even, Cognitive Science.

Area of research

  • Cultural and social history of violence/warfare
  • Historical European Martial Arts studies
  • Embodied Knowledge and its Circulation
  • Manuscript and print studies

Selected publications

See the complete list on my various research profiles (ORCID, Research Gate, or download my CV

Founding member and co-editor

Acta Periodica Duellatorum

This journal founded in 2013 is intended as a scientific platform for displaying research on Historical European Martial Arts. It is international, peer-reviewed and advised by both an Advisory and Scientific Committee. It is Open Access (publication by De Gruyter Open) and following the highest standards of academic publishing.

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