Cultural Mediation

Museums have the responsibility to deconstruct their historically situated assumptions, missions, metaphors, conventions and practices [...] however museums are still caught into different dichotomised narratives that are presented as objective “truths”.

Source: Carla Padró (

Hands on, demonstration, initiation

  • show and touch objects
  • explain and engage with participative methods

I have experience with targeted actions of cultural mediation with patrimonial or academic institutions. I really think that academics should use these opportunities more often to diffuse their work to a wider audience - usually restricted to closed circles of experts.

Engaging with the public is key for me to build a better understanding of the figure of the knight - his armour and his martial knowledge -, biased by broadly diffused misconceptions. Read more about this (blogpost The Medievalists, 2016).

Educational Short Films

Displayed in Museum exhibition, and free to view on YouTube

Obstacle run in Armour
Displayed in the exhibition "Armatus Corpus" (Military Museum, Castle of Morges, October-November 2016)
Combattre en armure au XVe siècle
Displayed in the exhibition "L'Épée. Usages, mythes et symboles" (National Museum of the Middle Ages, Paris. April-September 2011).
> 2mio views Youtube


Moving in Harness
Displayed in the exhibition "Armatus Corpus" (Swiss Military Museum, Morges. June-November 2016)
> 300'000 views on Youtube